Hi. I make web pages for a living. I'm pretty good at it. I also cook, record music, make furniture out of wood, play chess, and generally do whatever new thing my ADHD brain has decided to fixate on this month. Last month it was archery. Before that, circuit bending. Before that, bird watching. And so on and so on. Mostly I just try to find time to play video games with my kiddos.

I run a company called Swiftkick Web. We handle pretty anything a person, organization, or company might need online.

For a while, I worked at a company called Cognizant (formerly Softvision, formerly SPI, formerly Double Prime.) Mostly I worked on the global checkout platform and assorted frontend stuff for Estee Lauder and their associated brands (MAC, Clinique, Aveda, etc).

I hope to someday write some articles on some of my past work or post some of my various projects if I can find some time. In the meantime, you get in touch with me or see what I'm up to lately via the links below.